What Do You Need to Know?

  • Which path to take?
  • The meaning of current events in your life?
  • How to get unstuck?
  • What events are coming?
  • What do your ancestors have to tell you?

Who is Marianne?

As a Tarot Reader Marianne Has:

  • An empath, a clairaudient, and occasionally a remote viewer. Marianne
    sometimes speaks directly with your spirit guide and often with your relatives who have gone to the other side.
  • A tarot reader with over 20 years’ experience, and certification by the Tarot Certification Board of America.
  • A successful businesswoman who can give you a practical approach to your path to success.
  • Compassionate and intuitive.
Schedule Today
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Marianne Pelletier has been practicing her tarot skills for over 20 years. She often connects to family members who have crossed over and can read without tools. Marianne’s readings focus on practical approaches to getting what you want — from building your career to taking steps toward your next relationship.

Marianne is Available for

  • Parties in homes within 1.5 hours driving time for Ithaca, New York
  • Private readings in Marianne’s home in Enfield, New York
  • Readings by Email
  • Readings by Phone

For questions or to book time for a reading, email mail me at marianne@tarotbymarianne.com

Card of the Month

Card of the Month for July, 2021
The Fool

It is time for us to start again, but to do so by returning to a state of innocence and wonder. Try it and see how fast it catches on.


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