Autumn Harvest Thoughts

Let’s Get Ready for Celebration Season!

Fall is harvest time, and then we settle in to enjoy several holidays. Here are some thoughts on all that.

When fall comes, I love picking apples, canning vegetables and making jelly, and planning my Christmas dinner. I love the seasons: I can be active outside all summer, gather and process in the fall, knit while watching the snow in the winter, and dance to the glory of spring.

October kicks off a series of food-centric holidays, from candy handing at Halloween to feasting for recovery on New Years Day. We do it not only to store our fall harvest in the most efficient way possible (ingesting it!), but we also fatten up for the cold winter ahead and use feasting to stave off the doldrums of cold and darness. Of course I’m speaking from a Northern hemisphere perspective…

But the celebrations can sometimes bring up questions in our  minds about our own future, or who we could spend the winter with, or whether our careers will get better over the new year. We can also feel the darkness of winter setting in and begin to wonder if our feelings are seasonal or related to something that is happening or about to happen. If you have any of those questions, use the coupon below.

Consider a reading this fall to get a clear view of what you can do to prepare for winter. I read via Zoom or in person in my home near Ithaca, NY. DM me to set up a time!