2023 Was Wild

2023 felt like a year of conflict in the United States, where I live. My psychic self tells me that 2024 will continue the conflict, but as a way of clearing the air. Think of it as spring cleaning — you move everything out of place, clean, and then put it all back together again. This year will likely look like chaos but really the world will be starting the spring cleaning process.

The Tarot version of that theme is the Tower Card: The tower blows up and crumbles so we can see clearly what our raw materials are and start again.

Consider starting your own spring cleaning. We have been cooped up, buying stuff to try to feel better. Now we can open all our doors and drawers to take an inventory of what we own that no longer serves us. Take a look everywhere in your life and decide what can be sold or given away, and then get out the dusters and the brooms — it’s time to sweep away the clutter in our lives and our spirits.