Change Your Mind About Money

Rethink what money is!

In a recent reading, a client told me, “He took all my money.” She was despondent, and worse, had surrendered.

But her grandmother showed up to her reading to tell her, “He took the wrong thing. Money is energy.”

We’re watching the Hobbit series over the holiday weekend, and sure enough, the king of the mountain insisted on hoarding all of his kin’s gold once he had reclaimed it from the dragon. So everybody went to war with him — over gold, not food of shelter. He also searched in vain for his father’s special jewel, which the story calls a source of power over others.
We don’t need a magic jewel to have power What we need — what my client already has — is a home, a family, and income-producing work. The legend of the Hobbit teaches us that a comfortable home with a full larder is enough for us to spend our creative energy contributing to human kind.

Making money is something that I do continually, because it’s how I pay for my home and food. I also save money for the sole purpose of having enough at a given time to buy a bigger thing. I also use money to make money, as that is an energy that delights me.

But it is energy, not a possession. I can store electricity in a battery bank to use later, and I can store money in a money bank. But I will never, no matter how many precious jewels I wear on my forehead or hold over my throne, be able to deny another person the ability to make her own money. And my client certainly is with her excellent business venture.
I hope this post gives you comfort if you had a marriage where your ex took more of your cash than you could afford: You haven’t lost everything if you are still alive.