Your Grandmother Says Hi

I am often asked by clients what their passed relatives have to say. Every time, I’m reminded of what my psychic friend told me: “It boils down to this: Your grandmother says, ‘Hi,’ and that you should straighten up.”

Though I am also passing on many tips on “straightening up” to my clients, every one of my readings is unique. I have shared new family connections with clients who were adopted as babies. I have shared news from passed uncles, aunts, great grandmothers, sisters, and old boyfriends. I have shared visualizations of the kind of character that my client has inherited from her ancestry.

Most of the time the message — for me — boils down to this:

“Now that I’ve passed on, I’ve lost my bigotry and petty resentments. I’m ready to support you with spirit energy, observations, and advice.”

I have the impression that people who pass to the other side of the veil go through a bit of orientation. They are with us for a short while (short while by their definition, not ours) and then they go to orientation to learn how to live in spirit. Then they come back. When they come back, they get really excited when my client meets me because they can then talk. I’ve been surrounded by grandmothers from generations all arguing with each other over who goes first.

Recently, a father of one of my clients was so eager to talk to her that I was gesturing like him. He also knew that she was skeptical, so he had me sharing some plain language as well. I appreciate him for that. And she felt his love.

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