Sometimes the Issue is a Physical One

The main use of psychic work is to advise — mind, it’s considered entertainment where I live, but that’s only for liability management purposes. Having said that, I’ll note that your higher self often has me or tarot cards or your dreams get ahold of you to send information, including advice.

At the beginning of a typical reading, higher selves will share information with my client that proves that we are talking to someone they know, and often clients are startled that I’m saying something intimate about them within a few minutes of meeting them. This is fun for the client, but then the person speaking for higher self then shares advice.

What kind of advice? Sometimes a reminder of the person’s personality and how it works in the world, which is why I’m learning numerology now. And sometimes it’s a message that gives my client a reason to forgive herself. And often it’s advice for personal self care, especially physical self care.

Recently, I discovered the Secret Energy site, which reminded me to take care of my physical self. In recent years, I opted to learn exercise, including CrossFit, which was a hoot; so it was inevitable that I would land on a site that would show me about the energy and chemistry or my body as well.

For instance, I was introduced to cell salts, which are nutrients that help my body heal in certain ways. Because I am a Virgo, the site recommended “Kali Sulph”, which helps me with my skin conditions. Isn’t that curious? I’m trying them and I feel better — I also am doing other things to feel better including following a diet and my doctor’s instructions.

Don’t just jump on whatever I share here and expect to be fully well. Your higher self and your doctor will talk to you about your journey to wellness. Just sayin’.

So, while you are feeling depressed, consider whether an uplift from calming scented oils can help, along with your work with your doctor and therapist. Or check your nutrition to understand your energy level and sleep quality. Whatever it is, there’s a step you can take.